SafeCeilings OneCoat Ultramatt

THERMOGUARD SAFECEILINGS ONECOAT ULTRAMATT is a high-performance coating designed for ceilings. It combines flame retardant intumescent protection and insulation in one coat. Its user-friendly water-based formula ensures easy application with low VOCs. Achieving top fire ratings, it offers robust protection against various hazards. With an ultra-matt finish, it enhances aesthetics while providing safety. Available in classic white and multiple sizes, it’s a versatile choice for diverse projects, ensuring both safety and design excellence.



Purpose: THERMOGUARD SAFECEILINGS ONECOAT ULTRAMATT is meticulously crafted to serve a dual purpose, addressing critical needs in building safety and functionality:

  • Flame Retardant Intumescent Protection: The product offers an advanced level of flame retardant properties, utilizing an intumescent mechanism that activates when exposed to heat. Upon contact with fire, the coating expands, forming a protective char layer that insulates the underlying substrate, thereby significantly slowing down the spread of flames.
  • Insulation: Beyond its fire-retardant capabilities, THERMOGUARD SAFECEILINGS ONECOAT ULTRAMATT incorporates insulation properties. This feature aids in regulating temperature variances within the building, contributing to improved energy efficiency and thermal comfort.


  • Single Coat Application: Engineered for efficiency, the product is formulated to be applied in a single coat. This not only streamlines the application process but also reduces labor costs and minimizes disruptions during construction or renovation projects.
  • Comprehensive Fire Hazard Protection: The formulation is meticulously designed to address a spectrum of fire hazards commonly encountered in building environments. Whether it’s improper installation of fire-resistant boards, the presence of highly flammable insulation materials emitting toxic gases, or other fire risks, THERMOGUARD SAFECEILINGS ONECOAT ULTRAMATT provides robust protection against such threats.
  • User-Friendly Formula: With a water-based composition and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VoC), the product offers a user-friendly application experience. Contractors and applicators benefit from easy handling, minimal odor, and simplified cleanup, while occupants enjoy enhanced indoor air quality and safety.
  • Compatibility: THERMOGUARD SAFECEILINGS ONECOAT ULTRAMATT exhibits remarkable compatibility with various ceiling surfaces, including painted or newly primed substrates. This versatility ensures its applicability across a wide range of building projects and architectural designs.

Fire Rating:

  • EN Class B s1 d0: The product achieves an impressive fire rating according to European standards, signifying its ability to withstand fire exposure while limiting smoke production and flaming droplets.
  • Class 0 and Class 1: Compliant with British fire safety regulations, THERMOGUARD SAFECEILINGS ONECOAT ULTRAMATT demonstrates exemplary fire retardant properties and minimal surface spread of flames, providing reassurance in critical fire safety scenarios.


  • Ultra-Matt Finish: The ultra-matt finish not only serves aesthetic purposes but also contributes to functional aspects of the coating. By minimizing glare and surface imperfections, the finish creates a visually pleasing ceiling surface that enhances the overall ambiance of the space. This seamless integration of form and function underscores the product’s commitment to both safety and design excellence.


  • White: Available in a classic white hue, the product offers timeless versatility and compatibility with a wide array of interior design schemes and color palettes. White ceilings not only impart a sense of brightness and spaciousness but also serve as a blank canvas for architectural creativity and expression.


  • Pack Sizes: THERMOGUARD SAFECEILINGS ONECOAT ULTRAMATT is conveniently packaged in multiple sizes, catering to the diverse needs of different projects and surface areas. Whether it’s a small-scale renovation or a large-scale construction endeavor, the availability of pack sizes in 25m², 50m², and 100m² ensures flexibility and cost-effectiveness in product procurement, enabling seamless integration into various project budgets and timelines.

In essence, THERMOGUARD SAFECEILINGS ONECOAT ULTRAMATT epitomizes excellence in coating technology, delivering unparalleled fire protection, insulation performance, and aesthetic refinement for ceilings. Its sophisticated features, user-friendly attributes, stringent fire ratings, and versatile application make it an indispensable asset in enhancing both safety and visual appeal in diverse building environments.

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